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Annmarie Mica, PsyD


Meet the therapist


Licensed psychologist and mental health counselor, Dr. Annmarie Mica has recently joined Inspirations, Inc. In addition to providing individualized psychotherapy to children, teens, adults, and couples for anxiety, depression, attention and organization issues, ADHD, relationship concerns, self-improvement, and life stressors, Annmarie is excited to bring with her a special skill set for people who are looking for traditional psychotherapy and are open to spending time outdoors. A devoted therapist and an outdoors enthusiast herself, Annmarie strives to help people overcome their issues and grow by actively using the healing powers of nature in a therapeutic way. This unique and new approach to improving mental health is great for anyone who is seeking therapy and who is open to spending time outside to improve their well-being.


Some of the benefits of doing therapy outdoors can include stress reduction, improved mood, better focus, not to mention improvements in heart and immune system function. Therapy outdoors adds to the benefits you would typically get from traditional psychotherapy.


Please contact Annmarie if you are looking for CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Positive Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Play therapy, and Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques both in- and outdoors. She accepts self-pay and certain Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans for office-based services and can work with you to help you get reimbursed by most out-of-network insurance plans.


Please visit her website to find out more: www.outdoortherapist.com You can reach her by phone at 617-982-2908 or by email at drmica@outdoortherapist.com. Feel free to contact Annmarie with any questions or concerns you may have about the therapy services she offers.


ü  CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)

ü  Positive Psychotherapy

ü  Psychodynamic therapy

ü  Play therapy

ü  Mindfulness and Relaxation

ü  Solution-oriented therapy

ü  Client-centered therapy

ü  Children

ü  Teens

ü  Adults

ü  Couples


ü  Anxiety

ü  Depression

ü  Relationship concerns

ü  Life stressors

ü  Self-improvement