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Lawrence Albert, MD


There are occasional situations where the psychotherapy process can be enhanced by the addition of medication:  Sometimes the degree of emotional pain is too great, the stress too severe, or one finds oneself feeling too oppressed, and medication can ease or lessen that and so assist with the psychotherapy.  Our psychiatrist, Dr. Lawrence Albert, is available for those instances. 

In addition, people with serious, persistent mental illness fare better, achieve more, and have more satisfying lives when medications are consistently part of their treatment.

Dr. Albert also shares the Inspirations view of the importance of reaching an understanding of the person within his or her life situation.

Lawrence Albert, M.D. has been practicing psychiatry for over 20 years.  His training includes background in analytically oriented psychotherapy and in psychopharmacology.  He has had academic appointments at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School, and has published articles from time to time in professional journals, on medications and treatment.